[⚠] Notice

Hello guys,

I would like to inform you that there will be no post today as i’m sick, i have this redness in my right eye and a severe headache that joins whenever i try to focus my eyes on something, i couldn’t read or write anything for the past few days and i find it painful as well now writing this notice!

I will  go to a doctor tomorrow and wish it’s nothing serious! (I’m really scared to be honest)

Thank you and see you very soon (i hope) 💖


[Inner 62] 24k chain

Be the hand
To help stand
And withstand

Hold the hand
Guide to light
Be the light
Shed your light

Trash them worries
Evil so little
Resent to descend
Are not fences
But gold chains
That hold closer
The human kind

Spread wide
The white wings
The tarnished
Pure anthem

Give to get
Plant to reap
Don’t be
A 24k selfishness

I mutter
As i tilt my head
In filth i felt
at fifth street
24k deep.


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[Inner 61] Ballet, Bullet.

Flexible, ballet
Easy, magnet
Rich, fat
Starry, night

Fell and forgot
How to dance
To catch
To count

So, to see

Got me hooked
Dragged over mud
All they did
I remember the sound
From the first time
Always haunts me

So, are signs

A love ballerina
Bullet me up.


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[Inner 60] Besides, cold desides.

Before the mug
I look outside
The stars shining bright
The night,
The house so dark
No dog barks
Coffee is dark
I just look
I don’t think
Although summer
But feels cold
No breeze though
No air conditioner too
The more i look
Darkness bolds
Seems happy
Having some company
Yet funny
It grew fond of me
No more scares me
Cancelling schedules
To be here
Being there left
But many scars on me.

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🎉[Award]🎉 Sunshine Blogger 1st nomination!

Today is another special day!
I got my very first nomination for the Sunshine blogger award by the sweetest Tina from the open Concavity earlier this week!
I would like to apologize that i’m finally turning it up and also thank her so much, it really warmed my heart you will never know how much! 🙈

I love reading her posts and i’m sure you will too! So here is “The open concavity”

2019-05-16 22.11.42
The rules for the award:

* Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
* Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

*Nominate (at least) 11 blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
*List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

2019-05-16 22.11.42

So now let’s get into the questions Tina asked!

1. Why did you name your blog as such?

“Minimally me” explains itself, it’s about me, things i feel, things i notice things i see differently, generally stuff that goes inside my mind but as someone who gets bored while reading long stuff i know there are people like me who love short poems or stories that are coincise, quick to read.

2. What motivated you to start your blog?

It was back in 2017, well in 2015 i started admiring people who write that’s because i read a ton of articles and poems for 2 years as i had lots of free time and couldn’t help but fall in deep love with the mind that writes so i found myself frequenting the memo app and writing more creatively then as i started enjoying it i thought why not share with other people?

3. What is your blog’s niche and why did you choose to focus on it?

Everything and Everyone is welcomed in my blog! 🙈

4. Who is your life’s greatest inspiration?

The people who go through pain and actually make something out of it!

5. What is your philosophy in life and why?

My philosophy, hmm, life is much more than running to the office running back home grow old and pass away, money is important but attention shouldn’t be wholly dedicated  to it because life is much more …

6. What song best exemplifies your current life situation?

This one, ” my Pace” by Stray kids, being someone who was always compared to others, one of the lines goes as, “Just cuz someone’s ahead doesn’t mean they’re first, ” being compared made me lose confidence and started thinking if i’m actually a looser, then this came out and it helped me wind down, i needed that i needed to know that we are not copies and surely not our lives too! Everyone’s path is different and  so that’s why i need to look at my own path walk it in my own pace … Turn on the subtitles ⤵

Stray kids “My pace”

7.If there’s one thing you want to change in yourself, what would that be and why?

No one should change anything about themselves because that’s part of you that’s what made you the person you are, people should just look around and know that they don’t live alone in this world that’s i guess is enough to make one realise that everyone is going through some stuff and no one is having it all in roses …

8. Dog or cat?

A cat for sure!

9. If you would be a food or cuisine, what would it be and why?

I want to be the whole Moroccan cuisine because it’s rich in spices and it just makes whoever tastes it happy so yeah …

10. What is your greatest aspiration for humankind?

I want to write and share many stories because i know just reading some similar concern you know you are not alone and definitely more people share your concern and that’s of a great help itself.

11. How do you see your blog 5 or 10 years from now?

In 5 or 10 years if i’m still in life i will surely still be still here writing, i want more people to reach out to me that they read my stuff and they relate or are inspired by it, and although difficult but i will still try until i get my work published!

And that’s it for the lovely questions! i really enjoyed the topics and answering them 💖 Thank you once again Tina 🙈

2019-05-16 22.11.42

Now for my questions but before i want to apologize that I will not nominate any blogs because although i have been here for 2 years but I don’t follow many blogs so that i can read all of their posts  but today and doing this made me realise that i need to follow more blogs for the award to be fair!

But everyone is open to it as long as they respect the rules!

So next are My questions:

1. Can you describe life in 3 words?
2. What are you most thankful for?
3. What is your #1 advice for bew bloggers?
4. Do you prefer the city or the country side?
5. What are your top 3 most used apps?
6. What’s the first word that comes to your mind when we say “passion?”
7. What is that one thing that brings a smile to your face?
8. If you could make an app, what would you make it for?
9. Are there things that you think you’ve taken for granted that you should be grateful for?
10. Creativity can be found everywhere. 11. Where have you found your creative spark most recently?


[Inner 59] “No pain, No gain” exposed?

In my wander land
I wonder
Why dreams wither upon
The spring of worries
Where they bloom and green
In the most exquisite scenery
That only I can see

“No pain, no gain”
An equation
That waters my gardens
Brazen.ly prolific
Putting me in flames
For the past decade

Throw a raw roar
Shielding my burning gear
That i see and hear
Fail to locate the craze
So i let soar my cords

Blench actually crouch
Yet clench my fist
To finally
Broom the heap
Of affairs and ashes
Lost to myself
Didn’t lose myself
To a pain
That is no gain.


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🎉[Inner Special]🎉 1st Milestone: 100 members!


Pretty much all you know about me is that i’m a 23 y.o Moroccan girl who posts dark stuff and wishes to be published one day lol so today and for the 100 members, i know i’m yet so teeny weeny in here and many of you will find this childish but i’m someone who cherishes everything in life no matter how small it is!
Today i want to give you guys some 20 facts about me!

2019-05-16 22.11.42
Just a reminder, i post 3 times a week at 2am UCT!

Mondays, Wednesdays are fixed and either Fridays or Saturdays i try hard to keep it at Fridays but things somtimes go off hand!

2019-05-16 22.11.42

1. To start a blog and share what i write was a challenge, didn’t advertise or recommend my blog, but wanted to be found and liked and followed because my content deserves it!

2. I love winter because i get to control how many layers i wear 🙈

3. I want to visit the U.K, Australia, korea and Japan before i die.

4. I love rasberry lemon ice cream!

5. I love Moroccan Tea so much and  Couscous (if you get the chance, visit a moroccan family  not the restaurants, individual portions, fork and knife style ruin the experience)❌

6. Only mom in my whole family big and small knows that i write.

7. I have trypophobia and claustrophobia.

8. I hate people who jump to conclusions about me especially when they know that i’m nowhere near the type …

9. I used to drink a cup of water like once or twice a week for years and i guess i got this from Grandma because she forgets it and that’s what was happening to me as well!

10. I never had a boyfriend.

11. I’m a night owl.

12. The longest i had a phone is 4 yrs and it’s the one i’m currently using, (wish i can get a new one soon though) 🙈

13. I love the desert more than the countryside or the city.

14. Quality time is my first love language, gifts come third.

15. I don’t know myself, i can’t say i ll behave this way or another because i don’t know, sometimes i get surprised at myself, “you’re weird”, i know right 🙈.

16. I never put makeup and i own no makeup 🙈.

17. I wear stuff that i can sleep in, doesn’t mean i sleep in my outfits but trying to explain the amount of comfort i look for when i go shopping 🙈.

18. I’m known for my *biscuit* resting face but i’m nothing near that, those are just my facial features 🙈.

19. I love to analyse stuff, and i rely on my sharp intuition which is right most of the time!

20. I’m very sensitive, i cry easily and they always misunderstand me but that’s because i feel things very deeply.

2019-05-16 22.11.42

Hope you enjoyed this [Inner Special] and Thank you so much my loyal readers.

With love 💖


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🎉[Inner 58]🎉 Adore, Dove

They shake the cord
Bring it a sword
Cut sharp
The drama
Save yourself

Put in a gold frame
They started the game
Simply i join
A fan of swords
And no words
They play sweet
I choose sugar free
Scowling from pain
The rythm is fun
So i only dance

Play hard to get
Not gonna try my luck
But gonna fry it
Enjot it with some
Mayonaise and ketchup
And catch up with my old self
Plan the wedding
With pride
Chose her as my bride
You left
And so is love
So i now chose to free
The dove.


Photo Source: Pinterest, Yuschav Arly 


[Inner 57] Over over the clouds.

The masquerade,
processing, planning
As otherwise
I will be a lad in white clad
A sun walking midnight
Easy to snack

I chose to mask it
Climb the ladder
Tarnish my ego
Let go of my letgos


No mercy
A sharp blessing

Chose to mask it red
With no shame
White lads enjoy
White cotton candy
So fancy

Lay on my bed
and over the clouds
Suddenly caught in flames
The lad in white clad
Claps, Gasp.


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