[Inner 24] W. magic

When lost
And a host
Of Lost
You cry
You try

Crawling feet
Carrying feels
To bed
Hoping to sleep
Hoping to stop
Hoping lost
Was a dream
And finally
Wake up
To Lost
As dust

When lost
You try
You cry
It gets toxic
Then wish magic
Steps in
Before it gets tragic


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[Inner 23] Bffs for life!

All matters,

Never matter,

For a blender.


Typical squander

But unwillingly



See danger

Live anger

Distracted radar

Got cut

Thought will die

Thoughts died.


Drowned in darkness

Only to float

In harness

Embrace truth


Loving truth

And it’s fruits



But generous


My buddy.


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[Inner 22] Want a pie?

Thrown flat
Boils the heart
Fuels the mind

Hit slide
On the pan
Draft a plan
A silent pay
A tasty pie

Nasty try
Don’t fry
Not gonna discuss
But glean,
play clean

Today we wanna dust
To feast
Their deed
And leave
The flat

(Little edit: I’m sorry this one sounds creepy, didn’t mean for it to be! I only went with the flow and it is said that every one has a little devil inside them and today mine decided to say Hi! LOL)

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[Inner 21] Fated faith

Once a nook
Later a hook
Flip the pages
The profiles

Dry tears
No feels
Hidden dreed
Hate was a season
Finally a decision
Now a faith
Also a fate

Wanted to get close
Now close
A book through mud
Dragged hope
And mopped coat
A new coat

Bravery is now a gear
Going distant dear


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๐ŸŽ‰[Inner 20]๐ŸŽ‰ Taste of glitter

Little glitter
Feel bitter
Feels I’m done
Life’s gone

Frank lee
Is a prank
Brain shrunk

Instines screaming
Hit the fact
A fat fact
I’m awake

Inside a nightmare
Fighting them
Fighting me
Fighting Inside
A perfect maze


(Thank you so much for stopping by ๐Ÿ™, and a Warm Welcome to the new members of this fam, you really warm my heart ๐Ÿ’•)

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Content C: Elber_Oum

[Inner 19]

Deserve the hate
All the hate
Greedy and I know
Greedy and I excuse
Greedy I become
To change
Your side
That died
Left ashes
That dash
Every word
Every feeling
To the trash
And I bash
The decisions I made
To change your side
I deserve the hate
An ongoing debate
Don’t regret the change



Photo Credit to Artist: Mi-kyung Choiย 

Content C: ElberOum@MinimallyShe

[Inner 18] Unauthorised sequel

Maybe roses
Maybe rocks
Be glad
That’s your fate
Yours anyways
Unfolds before your eyes
So beautiful to watch
Like a bowling ball
Maybe one
Maybe ten
Doesn’t matter
You are moving
You are living
Better than sleeping

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2 years with [Inner]

This is a no/ low budget party bear with me! LOLs

When I first started I didn’t have a clear view, I started writing 4 years ago but I only got the idea to share my writings 2 years now! Which means that this blog has been around for 2 years! YaY!

I always loved quotes and random lines from people I don’t know and I always admired how these people craft and share beautiful sentences for various reasons that I relate to in a way or another.

From things I felt people never understood to things I write to record ,
I write traces I want to leave,
I write to touch,
I write to change!

I believe that as much different our lives might look, the sufferings and everday dwellings are pretty much the same.
We hurt, we laugh, we cry to things that mean alot to us, that is we all the human beings!

We are not a big familly in here yet but I love and respect and I’m grateful to each one of you stopping by and reading my raw feelings!
My body has a home and glad my feelings have theirs as well in a neighborhood with people communicating with words, spaces, commas and dots …
This community reminds me of days I didn’t live but heard alot about, days writing was the sole way to connect your precious feelings to that precious person … every one stopping by is precious for meย ๐Ÿ’

Thank you so much and here is to many more years!
Love you Lots ๐Ÿ’•

INNER 17 I’m who?

First post of this year ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Happy new startย ๐Ÿ’

Things happen
Stupidity invades
Heart breaks
Mind freaks,
Worries unleash

Things happen
Stupidity invades
Heart breaks
Mind freaks
Misery cycle,

I’m you
I’m not you,
I’m you
I’m not you
Mind breaks
Heart freaks
Squeeze’em both
We are not you
I’m who?

Carrying feet
Needless to ask
Long lost to ask
The direction
Through a maze
Mind in haze
Crying tears
We are not you
I’m who?

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